The world is changing with greater speed and frequency than ever before; customer deadlines move, extreme weather appears, supply chains are interrupted, resources go offline, assets break, sometimes all at the same time! 


While some companies have created entire teams to address the myriad of resource schedules required to accomplish their daily goals, better solutions are needed to adjust to the boundless number of incoming changes while increasing productivity and optimizing the capital available (human and machine alike).  

Complex Scheduling examines countless resources' availability and task dependencies, focusing on aligning near real-time adjustments to a myriad of ongoing programs within an operational web to increase overall efficiency.  

Tourism Holdings Limited (NZX: THL), is the largest provider of RVs for rent and sale in Australia & New Zealand, and the second largest in North America. THL is a 50:50 partner with Thor Industries Inc. (NYSE: THO), in the joint venture company TH2.  TH2 is a global digital platform for the RV industry; owning and operating several brands including Roadtrippers, Mighway, and CamperMate. 



BIAS Complex Scheduling & Transportation Optimization​


  • Over 6,000 RVs across multiple countries

  • Growing number of daily reservations to schedule, maintain and honor

  • Need for efficient relocation of RVs optimizing the complex balance of fuel costs, employee time, RV down time, and customer experience


  • Tracking demand and scheduling in near real-time - managing each hour by hour (automated 24x 7 complex scheduling)

  • Filling all available times to accept a booking, which has increased revenue opportunities

Photo by Eugene Quek on Unsplash