dis-rup-tion (noun)  disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process.


In today's ever-changing world, simply learning from the past and predicting the future is not enough.  We use cutting-edge math & engineering research with modern, cloud-based infrastructure to create AI-based Prescriptive Analytics solutions.  Move into the future in continuous clarity with automated, recommended actions in near real-time, even when sudden, unanticipated disruptions arise.  


Transportation Optimization

Unlocking value in Transportation lies in efficient movement of resources, by balancing the competing priorities of low cost and high customer satisfaction.


Transportation Optimization evaluates transportation modes, carriers, routes, and shipping strategies, to find the lowest cost combination for your needs keeping customer satisfaction front and center.

Learn more about our Transportation Optimization solution here.

Complex Scheduling

The world is changing with increasing speed and frequency. Better solutions are needed to adjust to these changes, effectively allocating resources and capital, while increasing productivity. 

Complex Scheduling examines countless resources' availability and task dependencies, focusing on aligning near real-time adjustments to a myriad of ongoing programs within an operational web to increase overall capacity.   

Learn more about our Complex Scheduling solution here.

Disruption Management

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry" and we are all familiar with the subsequent chaos that follows, teams dedicated to firefighting in war rooms executing predefined plans that "best match" current circumstances.  

Disruption Management seamlessly recommends the 

optimal solution to the precise disruption(s) occurring factoring in all existing resources, dependencies, and requirements.

Learn more about our Disruption Management solution here.




At BIAS Intelligence, we know how to optimize your data.  Even your Big Data.  In fact, we’ve been living it for years.  We are data architects, data scientists, and data engineers that have experience solving critical business challenges facing Fortune 500 companies. 

We focus on the end-to-end delivery of solutions to the most challenging process optimization problems facing global companies.  We enable customers to unlock the true potential of their data by helping them gather insight and make decisions.


The BIAS Optimization Suite (BIAS OS) is a set of software products designed to help customers create business value by optimizing their business processes through the practical capture, storage, management and analysis of all types of data: enterprise data, operations data, IoT data, and more.



Ilya Buzytsky

CEO & Co-founder

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Ilya has built and scaled out data solutions across many sectors, including legal, finance, transportation and Big Data analytics

Andrey Shishkarev

CTO & Co-founder

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Andrey has extensive knowledge of advanced ML & OR algorithms and experience in building large scale distributed data systems using the latest advancements in cloud technologies. 

Ashis Banerjee, PhD

Academic Advisor

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Ashis' specialties include: mobile multi-robot control, smart manufacturing, design and manufacturing automation, dynamics modeling and simulation, and predictive data analysis.



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